3 Key Things To Find In Trekking Pole Reviews

Are you in the market for a good pair of trekking poles? This should be an extremely exciting time for you. Adding this amazing tool in your arsenal can create an immense difference in your outdoor adventures. They’ve been proven to take off a lot of pressure on your knees and ankles. Over the course of a long hike or trek, you can appreciate how life-saving these poles are. In this article, you’ll learn the top things to find in trekking pole reviews to help you come up with the best purchasing decision.

The first thing you want to know is whether the trekking pole can be adjusted. There are some people who prefer using a fixed length trekking pole. However, those that come with adjustable shafts prove more beneficial. They offer a great amount of flexibility. If you’re on a relatively flat terrain, you can set the height at about waist level. When going downhill, you can extend the length of the pole. On the flip side, you can shorten the length when going uphill. As you might imagine, this feature is simply a must have since it makes your hike so much easier.

You may also want to check how great the shock absorption feature of the poles is. In this regard, it’s much better to find videos that demonstration how the shock absorbers work. In most cases, trekking poles are equipped with internal rings that help absorb force. This means you don’t have to push so much with your lower extremities. You may have to exert more effort with your arms. However, this helps distribute energy usage evenly, meaning you wouldn’t feel as tired at the end of your trip.

The quality of the grips must also be checked. Remember that you’re putting a lot of weight on these trekking poles, so you don’t want the grips to be slippery. Fortunately, most models come with grips made from high-quality rubber. This helps ensure that you can hold on firmly to the poles even when it rains or when you have to cross a stream.

There are some optional features which you might find useful. For example, loop straps serve as an added layer of protection, ensuring that you wouldn’t lose hold of the pole by wrapping the straps around your wrist. Camera mounts are also becoming increasingly popular. This is the perfect addition to your poles if you’re the type who wants to record your outdoor adventures without having to hold the camera with your hands.

These are just some of the most important things you need to look for when reading trekking pole reviews. It’s recommended to spend ample time reading reviews of different models of trekking poles to find what suits you best. Be sure that after reading, visit your local store to see the trekking poles for yourself. Test them and see whether they’re of high quality. This helps ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money.